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Our Recommendations for FREE Mileage Trackers

We've written before about calculating your mileage claim but to be able to do that you have to know what miles you have done, so here are some of the best free mileage trackers that are available on the internet that can help you track the miles done for work.

  1. Stride - Available from the app store, this is an app that runs in the background on your phone, tracking your mileage.

  2. Triplog - Similar to Stride, it offers a free lite version which limits you to 40 trips, or you can upgrade to a paid version.

  3. MileIQ - This site offers a free trial and then it's just $59.99 a year, which when converted to sterling is likely to cost you less than £50 a year. The app has over 1 Million active users and claims to have logged more than 80 Billion Miles.

  4. MileWiz - another app that bills in USD. Cost is $50 for the year for the iPhone and claims to have above 99% accuracy.

  5. Milelogger - Similar to MileIQ this app has no limitations, feature wise and enables you to share you location with your colleagues etc.

** Disclaimer, this information is correct at time of writing and some of the sites also offer paid version too**

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