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What are the benefits of a fixed monthly fee?

In 2022 we made the decision to switch from an hourly rate to a fixed monthly fee.

You might be wondering why we did this and could this be an option for your business.

We made the decision from a business point of view as we felt it would allow us to add more value to our clients.

A fixed monthly fee meant that we knew what our income was and the clients would know what their outgoings were which then made it easier for both parties to plan for growth.

Whilst the country is seeing record high inflation, it also gives you (the client) confidence that you won't suddenly get a massive bill you can't afford one month because we've had to do a few extra hours.

So how does it work?

When we have our initial consultation, we would ask questions that give us an idea of what level of support you would need and how much work is involved.

From this we would then give you a fixed monthly fee quotation and if you are happy with this quote you would engage our services.

Does the fee ever change?

So the initial quote given is base off the information you've provided but we also get that it can sometimes be hard to know exactly how many invoices there are coming in each month or how many bank transactions are to be reconciled, so this is why we review the level of work and fee at 3 months and 6 months to ensure that we are providing you with the best service/ package.

If at this point the fee needs to change, then we would give you one months notice of any increase (or decrease). After that fees are assessed annually.

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