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Meet the Team

Meet the Team behind VJR Business Support

Having previously worked as a Finance Analyst, Victoria has been working in Finance for over 11 years and has worked with clients from a wide variety of sectors. Her background is mainly in the automotive industry and retail. She founded the company in 2016 because she wanted to help companies that needed regular support. 

In 2023 she completed the ABM Introduction in Business Mentoring and is a Volunteer Mentor with the Help to Grow Scheme.

Victoria is a member of BNI Oxford Spires. In her spare time she likes to attend Vintage/Military shows and has a passion for travelling and the 1940s

Simon is one of the founding members of VJR Business Support and brings over 25 years of retail and management experience to the table.

He looks after things behind the scene making sure the team are looked after and all the processes are in place.

When not working, Simon enjoys lifting weights  and travelling.


Elsa is the family/  office pet.

She is a Sprocker ( Half English Springer and half Cocker Spaniel)

When not sleeping in the corner of the office or greeting visitors, she likes to run through the local fields and seek out sources of water to swim in.

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