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Key accounting dates in 2023

It can be a lot to keep on top of everything when you are running your own business, especially key dates and deadlines for example... your VAT return is due a month and 7 days after the end of your quarter... e.g. if your quarter ended on 31st December, your return will be due on the 7th Feb, but these aren't the only dates you'll want to remember.

PAYE is always due on the 22nd of the next month, plus you'll have self assessment and corporation tax deadlines too depending on your set up.


Quarter end date

VAT due date

31st December

7th February

31st January

7th March

28th February

7th April

31st March

7th May

30th April

7th June

31st May

7th July

30th June

7th August

31st July

7th September

31st August

7th October

30th September

7th November

31st October

7th December

30th November

7th January


PAYE Calendar Month

PAYE Due Date

Month 1 - April

22nd May

Month 2 - May

22nd June

Month 3 - June

22nd July

Month 4 - July

22nd August

Month 5 - August

22nd September

Month 6 - September

22nd October

Month 7 - October

22nd November

Month 8 - November

22nd December

Month 9 - December

22nd January

Month 10 - January

22nd February

Month 11 - February

22nd March

Month 12 - March

22nd April

Additional PAYE deadlines;

31st May - P60's to be given to employees for the tax year that has just ended

6th July - P11D's to be filed

Self Assessment

There are several key dates to consider for self assessment this year.

Date to Consider


21/22 Self Assessment due ( Return submitted online and payment made)

31st January

Start of the 23/24 tax year

6th April

Tax- Free dividend allowance decreases from £2,000 to £1,000 per year

6th April

Tax-Free CG (Capital Gains) allowance is reduced down to £6,000 per year ( This was £12,300)

6th April

The Additional 45% Tax Rate threshold is reduced to £125,140 per year ( this was £150,000)

6th April

Deadline for Self Assessment Notification of Chargeability of income tax and/or capital gains tax for 22/23

5th October

Deadline for payments (online) for CIS, PAYE and Class 1 B NIC's

22nd October

22/23 Paper Self Assessment Deadline

31st October

Corporation Tax Deadlines

These are the deadlines for when your companies corporation tax is die depending on when your year end was/is.

Company Year End

Corporation Tax Due Date

30th April 22

31st January 23

31st May 22

28th February 23

30th June 22

31st March 23

31st July 22

30th April 23

31st August 22

31st May 23

30th September 22

30th June 23

31st October 22

31st July 23

30th November 22

31st August 23

31st December 22

30th September 23

31st January 23

31st October 23

28th February 23

30th November 23

31st March 23

31st December 23

Key to note also is that the Corporation tax rate for companies with a profit above £250,000 will increase from the current 19% to 25%. If your companies profit is below £50,000 then you'll stay at 19%

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