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Our Top 10 Free Apps for Small Business

When you are a small business or just starting out, it can be difficult to know what apps and subscriptions you need and where best to spend your limited funds, so here are our top 10 list of Free Apps that are useful for small businesses.

  1. Canva - Available in both Free and paid versions, this software is fantastic when creating your own graphics and marketing materials. It's also available as a mobile app so you can edit on the go too!

  2. - If you have an image that you need to remove the background from, then this site is quick and easy!

  3. Hootsuite - The FREE version is somewhat limited, but is perfect when you're just starting out as it enables you to schedule posts for social media.

  4. Google - Now I don't just mean just the search engine, although that is really useful! If you have a google account then you have access to Google Docs (word) Google Spreadsheets (Excel), Google Slideshows (Powerpoint) Google Drive (Storage) and lots more, so why pay for things if you don't have too.

  5. Google Analytics - Now I've listed this separately to the others as I believe it deserves it. Analytics is a fantastic tool and well worth investing a little time into.

  6. Trello - Fantastic for managing projects and setting tasks.

  7. Neil Patel - Neil's SEO Analyser is useful to not only look at your own site but to also look at your competitors.

  8. Calendly - Great for scheduling appointments. Free Version is limited to only one appointment type, but works great with Google Calendars.

  9. Zoom - On that subject the free version of Zoom is great for those appointments that aren't face to face and it can be used on both computers and mobiles.

  10. Quickfile - Now as a practice we are Xero partners and that is my go to accounts software, but if you are just starting out and can't afford a monthly subscription to Xero or similar, then Quickfile is a great MTD compatible budget alternative. It's free for the first 1000 ledger entries and then just £45+VAT per year.

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